Ori Morningstar

About Me

I'm a Full Stack Engineer and advocate of secure and ethical tech. At an early age I was passionate about learning how video games were made and got my start on software engineering making a few video games. Not long after I learned about web development and landed a job in tech. My goal is to build apps that are easy to use, secure, and accessible to everyone.

Things I Can Do

I am a dynamic, quick thinking creative professional that loves to develop beautiful and easy to use websites and web apps. One thing I'm most passionate about is immersing myself into a topic like machine learning just for fun. I'm also a pretty easy person to work with. The following is a rough overview of my skillset.

Experience on Full Stack technologies like React, Vue, NodeJS and GraphQL

Daily user of Linux/Unix systems having a basic understanding on how it operates

Managed projects using Git for version control

Always willing to get into the weeds to analyze and solve bugs

Expertise in both relational and non-relational databases

Capable of learning new technologies on the job or outside to meet work or personal goals


A few of the projects that I've been working on through my software engineer life. I feel very passionate about open source software and have made a few contributions to different projects. Feel free to send me feedback through GitHub on any of my projects.

Zanra Consulting

Zanra Consulting

Website made in WordPress for a consulting agency

Sentinnel Professional Services

Sentinnel Professional Services

Website for a security and medical equipment seller company

CampDoc/SchoolDoc App

CampDoc/SchoolDoc App

Electronic health records for camps, schools and child care